Applied and Computational Mathematics

Volume 10, Issue 6, December 2021

  • An Accurate and Stable Filtered Explicit Scheme for Biopolymerization Processes in the Presence of Perturbations

    Lisa Davis, Faranak Pahlevani, Timmy Susai Rajan

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 6, December 2021
    Pages: 121-137
    Received: 31 August 2021
    Accepted: 13 October 2021
    Published: 5 November 2021
    Abstract: The focus of this paper is the development, numerical simulation and parameter analysis of a model of the transcription of ribosomal RNA in highly transcribed genes. Inspired by the well-known classic Lighthill-Whitham-Richards (LWR) traffic flow model, a linear advection continuum model is used to describe the DNA transcription process. In this mo... Show More
  • Asymptotic Behavior of Multivariate Extremes Geometric Type Random Variables

    Frédéric Béré, Kpèbbèwèrè Cédric Somé, Remi Guillaume Bagré, Pierre Clovis Nitiéma

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 6, December 2021
    Pages: 138-145
    Received: 14 September 2021
    Accepted: 11 October 2021
    Published: 11 November 2021
    Abstract: This document was an opportunity for us to measure the contributions of researchers on the asymptotic behavior of the extremes random variables. Beyond the available results, we have proposed an analysis of the behavior of the extremes of random variables of geometric type. We succeeded in determining a subsequence which allows us to establish a co... Show More
  • A Weighted Analytic Center for Second-Order Cone Constraints

    Bamanga Dawuda, Shafiu Jibrin, Ibrahim Abdullahi

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 6, December 2021
    Pages: 146-155
    Received: 18 October 2021
    Accepted: 15 November 2021
    Published: 27 November 2021
    Abstract: This paper introduces a weighted analytic center for a system of second order cone constraints. The associated barrier function is shown to be convex and conjugate gradient (CG) methods are used to compute the weighted analytic center. In contrast with Newton’s-like methods, CG methods use only the gradient and not the Hessian to minimize a functio... Show More
  • Predicting PM2.5 Concentrations Using Stacking-based Ensemble Model

    Haoyuan Zhang, Yilun Jin, Jiaxuan Shi, Shuai Zhang

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 6, December 2021
    Pages: 156-162
    Received: 31 July 2021
    Accepted: 22 November 2021
    Published: 2 December 2021
    Abstract: With the increasingly serious air pollution problem, PM2.5 concentration, as an effective indicator to evaluate air quality, has attracted extensive attention from all sectors of society. Accurate prediction of PM2.5 concentrations is of great significance in providing the public with early air pollution warning information to protect public health... Show More
  • Stochastic Stability and Optimal Control Analysis for a Tobacco Smoking Model

    Anwarud Din, Peijiang Liu, Ting Cui

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 6, December 2021
    Pages: 163-185
    Received: 26 November 2021
    Accepted: 20 December 2021
    Published: 29 December 2021
    Abstract: In this paper, a smoking model, which takes snuffing class and Brownian motion into consideration and is thus an extension of previously studied deterministic smoking models. We analytically show that this extended model system has one and only one positively bounded solution for any nonnegative initial values for the state variables. Interestingly... Show More