Electrochemical Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization of the Graphene/Poly Vinyl Alcohol Nanocomposites

Mina Moradi, Jamshid Aghazadeh Mohandesi, Davoud Fatmehsari Haghshenas  © by the authors

ISBN: 978-1-940366-41-8
Published Date: September, 2015
Pages: 69
Paperback: $80
Publisher: Science Publishing Group
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Book Description

The challenges in nanotechnology and especially in carbon nanostructures can be considered in two aspects, the preparation/fabrication of the nanostructures and their properties regarding the specific applications. In order to explore and exploit the rich physics/chemistry of the graphene, new methods are required to tailor their properties. This book which is based on a master thesis is a contribution to the both above mentioned aspects through the following goals:
- Exploring a novel route for the synthesis of a stable suspension containing graphene sheets in aqueous solution.
- Characterization of the produced graphene sheets.
- Developing the Graphene/Poly Vinyl Alcohol nanocomposites.
- Evaluation of the mechanical properties of the nanocomposites.

Author Introduction

Mina Moradi was graduated in Material Science and Engineering at bachelor and master degree from Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) and Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT), Tehran, Iran respectively. She is a PhD candidate at Basel University, Basel, Switzerland at the moment.

Jamshid Aghazadeh Mohandesi was graduated from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran in B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering. For M.Sc. and PhD he moved to England and he was graduated at University of Manchester in Material Science and Engineering. At the moment he is a professor at AUT.

Davoud Haghshenas Fatmehsari was graduated from AUT, Tehran, Iran in B.S. in Materials Engineering–Extractive Metallurgy. For M.Sc. he moved to Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran and for PhD he came back to AUT and was graduated at Materials Engineering – Extraction of Metals. At the moment he is an assistant professor at AUT.

Table of Contents
  • The Whole Book

  • Front Matter

  • Chapter 1 Introduction

    1. 1.1 Introduction
    2. 1.2 Graphene Properties
    3. 1.3 Fabrication Methods
    4. 1.3.1 Mechanical Exfoliation
    5. 1.3.2 Graphitization of Silicon Carbide
    6. 1.3.3 Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
    7. 1.3.4 Annealing Solid Carbon Sources
    8. 1.3.5 Graphene Dispersion from Graphite
    9. 1.3.6 Chemical Preparation of Graphene
  • Chapter 2 Experimental Section

    1. 2.1 Experimental Section
    2. 2.1.1 Materials
    3. 2.1.2 Synthesize of the Graphene Sheets
    4. 2.1.3 Preparation of SWGSs/PVA Composites
    5. 2.1.4 Methods of Characterization
  • Chapter 3 Results and Discussion

    1. 3.1 Result and Discussion
    2. 3.2 Characterization of SWGSs
    3. 3.2.1 Chronoamperometry
    4. 3.2.2 Raman Spectroscopy
    5. 3.2.3 FT-IR Analysis
    6. 3.2.4 AFM Result
    7. 3.2.5 X-Ray Diffraction
    8. 3.2.6 Electron Microscopic Studies
    9. 3.3 Characterization of SWGSs/PVA Nanocomposite Films
    10. 3.3.1 XRD Patterns
    11. 3.3.2 Mechanical Properties
    12. 3.3.3 Thermal Studies
    13. 3.3.4 FE-SEM Studies
  • Back Matter